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Remarriage Repentance

Wednesday, August 30, 2023


Some will contend that a second divorce is sin but few will oppose the idea that divorce from a same-sex marriage or incestuous marriage is also sin. There are several theologians who are consistent in teaching that people must repent from both same-sex marriages and adulterous remarriages:

Dr. Leslie McFall (2014), author of The Biblical Teaching on Divorce and Remarriage, taught,        

“Second marriages, following a divorce, must be undone (retracing the legal steps if necessary). Divorced-and-remarried persons will not enter the Kingdom of God if they do not obey Jesus’ command, 'Go and sin no more,' and get out of their second marriages" (TRUTH No. 4, p. 13). If the couple rejects the Scriptural admonitions provided in counselling, “The Christian church to which they belonged would have to excommunicate them due to their adulterous marriage (‘hand them over to Satan’) with the prayer that their souls may yet be saved" (p. 390).

David Pawson (2015), British theologian and author of Remarriage is Adultery Unless. . .  

"The Principle of Repentance—is that you stop sinning—that you would leave that relationship. Yes, even with remarriage. As soon as I say that, somebody will say, “But what if there are children?...

All the statistics back up Jesus’ view of divorce and remarriage. If you are remarried, and therefore living   in adultery, I can only say, not on my opinion, but on Jesus’ authority: End your life of sin; get out of it. Make every arrangement you can to relieve the children and look after them and love them but get out of the adulterous relationship" (video, minute marker 88:53 and 90:52).

Dr. Joseph Webb (2017), author of “Till Death Do Us Part?” and the Divorce and Remarriage video series. In “Divorce and Remarriage in Couples in the Church,” Dr. Webb states, “No one can leave a covenant [marriage] and declare that they are still a Christian, when God says that the boundaries of that covenant are for life…If I’m in adultery, and Jesus says adulterers do not inherit the kingdom of God, it behooves me to leave this relationship and come out of it.”

Dr. Finny Kuruvilla (2018), Harvard Ph.D., MD, exhorts: Forsake the remarriage. End the sin. Follow Jesus. Uphold only the first marriage where two became one flesh. “Both men and women who have chosen to step out of adulterous marriages: the testimony that it gives to the world and to the church is absolutely beautiful and radiant” (video, minute marker 50).

David Padfield (2018), evangelist, international author of Bible study guides and books on nearly every book of the Bible. He taught, “ ‘If I am living in adultery, repentance demands I put away my unscriptural mate!’ After explaining the law of God to couples living in sin, you are often asked, ‘Would God want us to break up our happy home?’ ” Padfield provides his answer from the Book of Ezra:

In the days of Ezra many men had married pagan women from the surrounding nations. God   had prohibited them from marrying women from any one of the seven nations listed in Deut. 7:  1-5. When the men of Israel realized their sin and came to repentance, Ezra said, “You have transgressed and have taken pagan wives, adding to the guilt of Israel. Now therefore, make confession to the Lord God of your fathers, and do His will; separate yourselves from the peoples of the land, and from the pagan wives” (Ezra 10:10-11).