Author Sharon Fitzhenry

Baby Sharon and Her Mom in Alaska

Sharon Fitzhenry was born into an Air Force family and lived in numerous locations until her father's retirement from the Air Force. Her mom was a homemaker, and her father, as a very young man, was a WWII Bomber Pilot with a remarkable 65 missions in the Pacific. Later, as a businessman, he settled his family in Charleston, SC. Sharon recalls her dad taking them sailing and skiing, and once, he flew the family to Europe, purchased a van, and took them on a road trip across Europe.

Sailing with Dad on The Charleston Harbor

At the age of 19, Sharon's life took a dramatic turn when her father came home announcing that he had become a Christian, and that everyone was going to church on Sunday morning. Despite some initial resistance, Sharon eventually became a follower of Christ. After completing a degree at Philadelphia College of the Bible, she briefly taught in a Christian school, and then departed for Taiwan to serve as a missionary for 14 years. To this day, she maintains strong relationships with her Taiwanese friends.

Sharon with Baby in Taiwan

Having been single for over four decades, Sharon married a divorced gentleman who had a living covenant wife. Although her marriage seemed wonderful, her world turned upside down in 2009 when she pondered Luke 16:18 and Romans 7:2-3. With a desire to know what is true and obey the truth, she researched divorce and remarriage to determine if God would have her honor her marriage vow by remaining in the marriage or honor the Lord by divorcing her non-covenant husband.

Sharon and her Taiwanese Children

Sharon's Wedding Day

One of Sharon's Many Drawings